RiP Trippers 1st Coil Building Contest! $1,000.00 Winner!

This is my 1st coil building contest guys! The winner of this contest will receive a check for $1,000.00 and also I will match that $1,000.00 and donate it to The Right To Vape Campaign in the winner's name. 


1. This contest is only open to my Youtube subscribers.

2. All contest builds must be done on The Pharaoh Dripper Tank.  No Purchase Necessary.

3. Once your build is complete, you must post an image of your build on your Instagram page. (ONLY ONE BUILD PER PERSON!) (Any gauge/gauges of vape wire can be used. Also, your build can be single, dual, quad, etc..., as long as it fits in The Pharaoh, is functional, and can fit without shorting out with the top cap screwed on.)

4. The image of your build posted on Instagram must have the 3 following tags: In this exact order #pharaohcontest #pharaohdrippertank #riptrippers

5. Once you have done all of the above, in the comment section below, comment your Instagram page where you have posted the image of your build. That way I can check out your build.

How I am going to judge the builds:

1. Quality of the image taken of the build.

2. How clean the build is.

3. How innovative the build is.

On December 8th I am going to pick my favorite build, and contact the contestant who did that build thru an Instagram DM. I will also do a video winner announcement shortly after on my Youtube channel. Good luck!




Jan 09, 2017

Pleaseenter me in smoke v8 give away. Love to have a chancet to win don’tknowwhy I never do.

Thank you

Dec 28, 2016

Has the winner of the build contest been announced anywhere yet……?

Altar ISIK
Dec 22, 2016

Rip, please e-mail me. I promise that you’ll be very excited about what I’d like to introduce to you. It’s top secret otherwise I would’ve disclosed more. Your the chosen one. I know your popular please see this and email me at Been trying to get a hold of you. Excuse the creative attempt. This is very important and special.

Peter D. Klurfeld
Dec 13, 2016

Ali Alhazza
Dec 10, 2016

(picture sent 8.12)

Dec 08, 2016

Hi rip
Instagram name squirmingcoils

Randy Davis
Dec 08, 2016

Mirosław Kornaszewski
Dec 07, 2016


Nate Owens
Dec 07, 2016

Sorry to make this comment to correct the email associate with my YouTube account

Thank you for this amazing contest and valuable opputunity!!!


Kenneth Fok Chun Kit
Dec 07, 2016

Thank you for this amazing contest and valuable opputunity!!!


Fok Chun Kit

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