Winner Announcements! Holiday Giveaway #1



Congratulations to the 5 random winners below:

1. Jacob Meers

2. Jennifer Johnson

3. Curtis Campbell

4. Rea9181

5. Kathi Bothwell


Jan 21, 2016

Oh my goodness! Did I stumble into pity party or what? Dude, why even comment about the winners if you have to throw your sob story in too? This is not the place for anyone to tell their sob stories…come on! Everyone has been broke and in that situation at one time, but sounds like with your one lung and sick wife and obvious lack of self respect….maybe therapy is a better option than vaping. I’m usually the first to help someone and have a soft heart, but honestly it sounds like those who are adding a sob story are just looking for a handout from a kind person! Rip…you’re great! Giveaways are random people!!! Happy Vaping! (To the ones who can) lol!

Jan 04, 2016


artura ruiz
Dec 31, 2015

I wan the future……

Dec 30, 2015

Congrats guys. Hoye you enjoy your new mods

jason adcock
Dec 30, 2015

This is just silly. Vaping allowed me to quit smoking. Unfortunately, someone stole my mod out of my car and I have been stuck with nothing for awhile now. I certainly wouldn’t be whining and moaning and groaning because I didn’t win. I’ll try again next time and the next and the next. I guess I’m not really the envious type.
I wish all the winners a terrific vape!

If anyone has any old vape gear they would be willing to part with feel free to send it to:
Joe Bordas
4010 Old Bradenton Road
Sarasota, FL 34234

Joseph Bordas
Dec 30, 2015

You guys…. I’m sorry for anyone that is in the situation of being unable to vape…. But it is very rude to argue on Rips winner announcements…. Come on…. This is Sadly… No place for argument…. Also… No place for sob stories…. Best regards! Happy New year gents!

James Urbina
Dec 30, 2015

Well done to all the winners,
Better luck next time to the others,
Thanks for the competitions.
Hope you ALL had a Merry Xmas.

Dave Ja Vu
Dec 29, 2015

Ok, I understand thank you very much like I said anything is better than where I stand right now thanx a lot and I’m gratefull for whatever you do send…:) :)

Dec 29, 2015

Congratulations to the winners , well done…

next time maybe..

Thank you Rip for doing these giveaways they mean a lot..
Happy 2016 every one…

Jean Clamp
Dec 29, 2015

Give me a few days to get to my storage. I should be able to send you a mechanical mod, atty, cotton, and some wire. Battery is on you. Think I may have some old Kanter protanks too

Justin Shafer

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