Winner Announcements! Cool Fire IV Plus Giveaway!

Congratulations to the 3 random winners below:

1. Tony Brodeur 

2. Jurgitus Yimmy

3. Abbie Fornes


Jun 09, 2016

love to win one looks like great mod kit best yet

May 24, 2016

Love a chance to win! Thank you

May 23, 2016

Hey riptripper hiw are you. Hope you will be fine . I only want one cool fire 4 plus plz give me . I will be highly thankful to you. Plz

Abdur Rehman
May 09, 2016

I need an e-cig can u help me out?

Apr 22, 2016

Man I watch all your videos and thanks to you I have stuck by your motto smoking is dead vaping is the future and future is now..Dam it feels good not to smoke cigarettes I love vaping been cigarette free for 4 months and I wanna thank…ripp

Chris love
Mar 18, 2016

hey rip i love your videos and i gotta say i need to quit smoking cigarettes and its hard when i have no vape i haven’t made a video but i would honestly love to quit smoking cigarettes i wanna try all these flavors instead of one flavor that sticks in your mouth for a long time so as of me righting this i hope to hopefully win a vape

sean pardo
Feb 28, 2016

thank you for all the coil builds . and God Bless. one day i change my mind to quit vaping because i dont know how to build but when i watch your build even my vape is clone my vape life change bigger and bigger so i change my mind to stop vaping to GO vaping in the rest of my life thanks for the tutorials

alain santos
Feb 25, 2016

Hey Rip, I plan on entering your Vaping: How Vaping Changed My Life (even though I am extremely camera shy). Back on March 17th 2015 at 12:00 A.M. I had successfully quit smoking and just vaped 0mg due to a surgery I was having later in the day on 3/17/2015. Before I quit amoking I had been a smoker for 32 years. I didn’t smoke for about 5 months. Things got really stressful in my life as my fiance got custody of his older 3 kids. (I am 15 years older than him). My kids are all adults so starting over was really tough and stressful. I have been trying to quit smoking again but I don’t like the 2 devices I have. They no longer satisfy me. I have a King mech mod and an IPV Mini 2 that is almost 2 years od. The ony rda I own is a little boy clone. I have built many of your coils ad they vape good but the devices just don’t work for ke any longer. I did buy a Sigelei Fuchai TC 200W box mod and was using that at between 120w and 170w depending o the build I had. When I saw my fiance reach for a cigarette after being smoke free for 6 months, I willingly gave up my Fuchal. Now I can’t afford to buy a new TC mod so I am back to smoking more than vaping. I really hope that when I enter your contest you pick me as a winner. I also entered your Instagram contest. I will just pray to the vape gods that you pick me to win one of your contests. Also if you have any advice please email me and let me know on how to stilop smoking faster and just vape. Thank you for your time. (Smoking is dead and vaping is the future and the future is now!!!!)

Feb 19, 2016


Paul Maggio
Feb 19, 2016

Mike Crum

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