TFV8 20 Tank Giveaway!

Giving away 20 TFV8 Tanks to 20 random winners!

1. Must be a Youtube follower:

2. Must be of legal age to vape in your state/country (Yes, this is open to international viewers.)

3. In the comment section type CLOUDBEAST and enter the country you live.

You can only comment once. Don't worry, if your comment shows up twice on your end, it's just a glitch and you are still ok. That being said if you actually comment twice it will show up more than that and you will be disqualified. 

2 weeks from now the random winners will be contacted by me from the comments below. Those random winners will be announced ONLY on my Youtube channel. Good luck! 


Mar 23, 2017

Just got smok Alien love it would like to try the Cloud Beast USA

Mar 17, 2017

Cloudbeast. USA

Mar 17, 2017

Sorry to leave this long ass comment here, but I can’t find a general email address on here just for contacting you.
Wanted to say thanks for the vids you do brother! I realize this particular contest is prob done. But the other day I celebrated my 4 month anniversary off cigarettes after a 25 yr 1-2 pack/day habit, all thanks to the discovery of vaping. While I do support the stopping of making “big tobacco” richer, and stand firmly against their lobbyists trying to do everything to shut down the progression of vaping, I’m not ready to start wearing a “Dat Vape Life Dough!” t-shirt just yet. But I digress…
I’ve started off with this lil Kangertech SubVod Stater Kit pen. The first one crapped out on me after 9 days and the best the vape shop where I purchased it would do for me for a replacement was discount me on a new one. Been pretty happy with the mod as in 4 months after smoking as much as I did, I’ve progressed from 18mg nicotine down to 3mg. But after 4 months, the charging USB connection hardly holds the cable on and pops right out if tugged. Additionally, with whatever lil ass battery is in here, I’m having to charge this thing about 4 times a day just to keep her working, and will usually just leave it plugged in while I’m vaping in one spot. But I’m sick of the restrictions. So I’ve ordered up the new SMOKtech GX350 starter kit which as you know, comes with the TFV8 Tank. Also wanna learn how to (your videos will undoubtedly be very helpfull) build my own coils so that even though I’m spending a bunch up front, I’ll save more down the line. Additionally, with a mod that holds 4 18650 batteries, I would imagine starting off the day with freshies, will hopefully keep me from needing to do anything but adding e-juice through the course of the day.
But actually, haven’t been able to order that starter kit yet as I spent the lil bit of money I had to buy everything I’ll need for it (8 of the new purple e-fest imr 3000mAh 35A batteries, the E-FEST LUC BLU6 charger, and the sweet all-in-one Coil Master V3 toolkit with latest V4 Coil kit. I’m an actor (who mostly waits tables), so I should be ordering my new mod kit tonight!
Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble, I’m just excited to have a decent device as this world of vaping is opening up to me, and I must honestly say, its enthusiasts like you that made me believe I could get off cigs. I like vaping so much that even once I’m ready to go down to 0mg of nicotine, I’m sure remember I’ll wanna keep on vaping as I find it very relaxing and there’s a world of flavors out there just waiting for me to taste! Thanks for everything you do for not only the hardcore vaping enthusiasts, but for those that need to get off cigs and are looking for info on how and why it’s possible to finally break the habit.
If there’s any giveaways you’re currently running, any absolutely spectacular vape juices that literally everyone loves that you could recommend, I’m not a rich guy and could use any info about getting stuff right the first time (e-juice, cotton, wiring [canthol vs stainless vs whatever other materials] and maybe even score something for free), any info is greatly appreciated. Additionally, as an actor I’ve done promotional work for lots of stuff over the years. So if you’re ever looking for a guest on your show, I would LOVE to play a vape noob that learns about what it’s like to do everything from choosing the right mods/tanks/accessories needed for getting started, all the way up to teaching me on video how to do coil rebuilds. I think a sub-series like that in the vids that you already do (not aware of you doing anything like that already) could be awesome & fun as an introductory video that could be labeled as something like “Getting Started with Vaping!” as a lead off video. Done right I think it could be a huge hit and be the #1 go-to video series for people wanting to get off cigs for good! Please understand I’m not looking for pay to do something like that, or use you to gain ground as an attempt to start my own YouTube channel, I assure you I’m not. I just really wanna help to get the info out there, if it helps out my acting career by me being involved in a video series that goes viral, all the better!
Anyway, please feel free to email me anytime if you feel so inclined. And thanks again so much for doing what you do!

-The Nut

The Nut
Mar 03, 2017

Would love to win a baby beast….thanks

William harrison
Feb 25, 2017


Mickey Isley
Feb 23, 2017

Cloudbeast Ohio USA

Chris Rhodes
Feb 16, 2017


Glenn rooks
Feb 15, 2017


Feb 14, 2017

CLOUDBEAST Philippines

Feb 09, 2017


Derek Pope

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