RiP Trippers 1st Coil Building Contest! $1,000.00 Winner!

This is my 1st coil building contest guys! The winner of this contest will receive a check for $1,000.00 and also I will match that $1,000.00 and donate it to The Right To Vape Campaign in the winner's name. 


1. This contest is only open to my Youtube subscribers.

2. All contest builds must be done on The Pharaoh Dripper Tank.  No Purchase Necessary.

3. Once your build is complete, you must post an image of your build on your Instagram page. (ONLY ONE BUILD PER PERSON!) (Any gauge/gauges of vape wire can be used. Also, your build can be single, dual, quad, etc..., as long as it fits in The Pharaoh, is functional, and can fit without shorting out with the top cap screwed on.)

4. The image of your build posted on Instagram must have the 3 following tags: In this exact order #pharaohcontest #pharaohdrippertank #riptrippers

5. Once you have done all of the above, in the comment section below, comment your Instagram page where you have posted the image of your build. That way I can check out your build.

How I am going to judge the builds:

1. Quality of the image taken of the build.

2. How clean the build is.

3. How innovative the build is.

On December 8th I am going to pick my favorite build, and contact the contestant who did that build thru an Instagram DM. I will also do a video winner announcement shortly after on my Youtube channel. Good luck!




Mar 22, 2017

Rip tripper
Im a social worker in maryland with 2 jobs struggling financially. Can you give me a pharaoh rta. I follow you on you tube. Your pretty cool.
Thought you were a redneck at first but your ok.
Vaping got me off of smokes. Its helped so much. Can you hook me up with the pharaoh rta and maybe some juice.
Call it a promotional gift. I come into contact with lots of young people who vape. I Can promote the hell out if you.

Hook me up brother
Steve Forrester
443 876 0683
117 west belcrest rd
Bel air, maryland 21014

Steve Forrester
Mar 22, 2017

Hey Rip, I appreciate all of your dedication and hard work for the vaping community as a whole bud. You’re reviews are on point and entertaining and your enginuity and creativity have birthed two of the best vape tanks (RDA&tank) I’ve ever seen! Please keep up the excellent work and I can’t wait to see what’s next. I always look for a “rip clip” to see what you think about a product before I spend my limited funds on anything. I’m rocking the wisemec rx200s with custom firmware and the vaporesso gemini mega with my own dual Clapton builds (316l stainless of course) and pulling them with a custom power curve and she hits “like a truck full of dildos, and she’s sick as tits!!!” Thanks for the great reviews man!!!

Mar 22, 2017

Hey Rip, just wanted to drop a HUGE thanks on you for unleashing the pharaoh! Has totally changed my whole outlook on vaping. Rocking a single ss staggered fused Clapton on temp control…..heaven bro, heaven! Keep up the good work. Vaping just wouldn’t be the same without you!

Tony W
Mar 21, 2017

Love to be able to try that serpent.. you got me off the stinkies. Thanks for all that you do for vaping. ?

Joseph Searle
Mar 10, 2017

Watched all your vids and your advice on tanks and builds plus mods i have got the smok alien plus .
The tanks baby beast the big baby beast and tfv 12 just waiting on the tfv 8 and the rba,s would like to try the pharo tank .
Keep your vids comming rip brilliant advice

Mark lucking
Mar 10, 2017

Facebook: doutor.eros
Love all your videos I’m a 40 year cigarette smoker just started vaping all your videos lead me in the right direction moving on to my first RTDA probably going to get the pharaoh I appreciate everything you do don’t change a thing .

Feb 03, 2017

Recently perched a pharaoh dipper tank from elementvape. When I unscrewed the top the o’ring split luckily there is a spare. Where can I get another o’ring for the cap

Robert lopez
Jan 30, 2017

Rip love your site and your YouTube channel. I’m new to the gaping scene I still have my first starter kit the kanger tech subox mini c. After watching your review on the smok spiral tank I had to order it. I do own a cov rst tank but my little 50w won’t power it so I’ve been entering as many giveaways as possible for Mods but anyways thanks for your good work and I hope I can win something soon

Ben hicks
Jan 29, 2017
Love all your videos I’m a 40 year cigarette smoker just started vaping all your videos lead me in the right direction moving on to my first RDA probably going to get the pharaoh I appreciate everything you do don’t change a thing .
Jan 09, 2017

Pleaseenter me in smoke v8 give away. Love to have a chancet to win don’tknowwhy I never do.

Thank you


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