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About RiP Trippers

RiP Trippers is one of the most influential personalities in the vaping world. Right now his Youtube channel has over 840,000 subscribers with total video views reaching over 130,000,000. RiP prides himself and strives to teach, inform, and inspire as many vapers as he can on a daily basis through his coil building tutorials, vaping product reviews, vaping giveaways, and his passion for vaping. RiP Trippers has been vaping for 4 years. He was one of the 1st to co-design and manufacture his own rebuildable atomizer in the U.S called the AC9 in May of 2012 which launched to the public later that year. The AC9 was a huge success and became one of the most sought after vaping devices on the vaping market for nearly 8 months after it launched. The AC9 was so popular it became one of the first rebuildable vaping devices to be cloned from China. That clone was called the RSST. Long story short RiP sold his share of that company to his former partner and started his own juice line called Vapetrik. Shortly after, he started reviewing vaping products again and posting coil building tutorials. RiP was a huge proponent of Micro Coils, Nano Coils, and using organic cotton as a wicking material. He coined the terms Nano Coil, Chimney Coil, Tricro Coil, Diamond Coil, Tin Man Coil and Flat Bastard Coil. 

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Smoking is dead, vaping is the future, the future is now!!